“Working with organisations, communities and individuals to help them realise their potential to be the
best that they can be”

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Share Think & Act cic has an outstanding track record in tackling pupils’ persistent absenteeism from school. We have developed our programme Getting it right in the Morning with great success in getting students back to school and on the road to being the best that they can be. Call or email us to arrange a time when we can come to you and tell you how we have been doing it.


Our comic programmes are an innovative way to involve communities in the issues which are important to them. This social marketing tool helps you to share your message in a way that has real impact on the target audience. Before we start to create a comic we work with the target audience. We help them to define, design and create the best ways to reach their peers.


Share Think and Act have a range of accredited courses aimed at helping you and your organisation to develop the skills to move forward. Most of our courses can be delivered over one day if accreditation is not so important to you, or over two days for the accredited version. We also deliver bespoke courses which can be developed for you and your team.