Our comic programmes are an innovative way to involve communities in the issues that are important to them.

At Share Think and Act we don’t just produce a comic. We use the entire process of devising the story, creating the story board, shooting the scenes as a way to involve your target audience. We will run workshops with your target group on the theme helping them to help us to write a comic that they will love to read. Ultimately sharing your key messages in the most effective way!

Investing in a comic programme means that your service users get to participate in the growth-inspiring process of sharing, thinking and acting too.

Hi Michael, Just wanted to let you know about what we are doing with the comics in the college. Since they were distributed last year we have created a whole term’s unit of work based on some of the issues in the magazine which culminates in the students creating their own dilemma story. We then take photos of still images from their story and are going to turm it into a comic page of their own. These are going to be displayed in the college. Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity – the students love it! -Mary Evans, Head of Faculty Performing and Visual Arts and PE, Prendergast Ladywell Fields College


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