Traditional community development models usually start with a problem (unemployment, crime, drugs and so on) and strive to overcome the problem through a process of fundraising, expert intervention and public consultation. We call this the “deficit” model, because it starts with a problem that has to be overcome. The culture of fundraising is similar, with community development workers competing with each other to advertise their problems – the Index of Multiple Deprivation is a common source of inspiration – in order to secure limited sources of funds and resources to tackle the problem(s).

What is different about Share Think and Act’s vision of community development?

At Share Think and Act we turn the community development process on its head. The Share Think and Act approach begins with the assumption that every person and every community has skills and resources in abundance, that progress can be found and that the seeds of change already exist within the community. We use a variety of coaching, mentoring and groupwork techniques to facilitate a dialogue of positive change, development and progress. We invite our clients to share their visions of the best that they can be, to think about how this vision can be achieved and to act on the vision in practical, realistic and manageable steps.

What kind of service can Share Think and Act offer to community development groups and organisations?

Share Think and Act offers a bespoke community development service to facilitate positive change. Our expertise is in the process of change; the community’s expertise is in the content and context within which change takes place. We use a variety of engaging tools and methods to facilitate change, for example:

  • Solution-focused work with individuals, workers, activists, interest and pressure groups
  • Appreciative Inquiry work with community-based groups
  • Visioning work with community development agencies

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