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Ghana 14 was the forth-international volunteering visit organised for young people by Share Think and Act cic. This has been a very special year. With our grant from the EU we have been able to work with partners in Holland, Tobago and Ghana to bring together a truly international group of young people. There were six young people from each country spent twenty-one days in Accra, Ghana. Whilst there they spent half their time volunteering in various community projects and programmes. As well as volunteering they also be worked together with the National Theatre and Dr Michael McMillan to create a joint art and drama installation exploring how young people across the world use living space.

The theme young people and living space was explored in a series of workshops, which took place every afternoon for the first two weeks. The young people developed the idea of a physical living space to find such themes as emotional living spaces and political living space. Together they co-created a new question for the residential experience. “What things in our living spaces can make Africans in the diaspora stronger?” this led a series of discussions about what it was to be African? What it was to be European? What are the connective links between Africans in the Caribbean, Europe and Africa? What is it that we each have to do to make us stronger both individually and collectively? In preparation for creating the presentation at the National theatre the group first sculpted some ideas around the theme

One group came up with the idea of mobile app and social networking site called “Diachat” short for “Diaspora Chat”. With this app we will be able to view:
– The latest trends in black culture.
– The latest hairstyles and clothing.
– Food
– History
– Work etc.
– Meet new people.
As we were discussing this app they realized that we could really attempt to make this idea a reality.’

‘One group had a neatly built umbrella while another group had a detailed 3D map. Moe’s group (my group) had an egg, which showed the birth of the new African diaspora. Balloons filled with party streamers and in the colors of my group life’s journey countries’ flag were attached to the egg and then burst to illustrate the realization and sharing of our cultural practices with each other. The balloons were burst by Share Think and Act cic in the form of a toothpick with a yellow puff as this organization helped us in accepting and appreciating the African diaspora. A yellow puff was used as yellow is the organization’s colour.’

It would take too many words to capture the entire experience. Please wonder around the page. Read bits, listen to parts, watch videos and read the young peoples own blogs written during the experience


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Work Placements Gallery

The participants were all assigned to various organisations where they assisted with the operations of the various organisations under keen supervision. In registering for the project each participant was asked to indicate areas of interest and as a result placements were sought based on participant interest matching availability. See Gallery


Rehersals Image Gallery

A main aim of the project was to put on a series of closing theatre presentations. To make this a reality they started practicing daily and the cameras were present to capture many of the moments spent rehearsing for the big day. The participants presented at schools, a festival and the National Theatre. See Gallery


Performances Gallery

The closing theatre presentations turned out to be a huge success. The participants worked tirelessly to ensure that they put on a good show and they delivered beyond expectation. To witness the show was nothing short of magical. See Gallery


Trips Image Gallery

Included in the project itinerary were a few trips. These included visits to slave castles in Cape Coast. Moments frozen in snap shots and now seem almost priceless. From fun times on the bus to random encounters with local children to actual site shots at the trip destinations, the lens managed to record amazing time stamps that would otherwise have been but a memory. See Gallery


Video Gallery

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Volunteers/Participants from The UK

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Volunteers/Participants from Ghana

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Volunteers/Participants from Holland

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Where did this years theme come from?

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The Partners in this programme are

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