Last day for rehearsal. When we got to the theater, we had no time left on our side so we went straight to doing our warm-up.
We then started putting together all the pieces we had from the top to the last thing we had to do. It was still not very clear but we had to go for lunch.
After lunch, we continued to work things out. We kept trying and we went for a break.
At 4pm, when all the leaders were around, we had to present the whole show to them from the head, to the tail.
We started smoothly and ended with no mistakes. The leaders were very surprised because we were having problems and immediately after a short break we presented a perfect work with no mistakes.
We left Accra for Winneba so we could come and prepare for our show on
On our way, when we got to Winneba, there was a very tight traffic and when we got closer to it we realised it was an accident.
We got back to the hotel safely.

Jeffrey Brako


It is the start of a new week and the first day at the National Theatre of Ghana. The theatre is pretty huge and I love it’s boat-like design. We started of with random acts of the birth of a child, dancing and entry of a king and queen to obtain a feel of the stage and theatre. These random acts did not make sense to me at first but then they helped me to become familiar with the stage and the theatre environment. We also learned a traditional Accra dance called Azonto which was rigorous and fun to do. The dance had similar moves/steps to dances in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T). The dance’s accompanying drum music however was different from the drum music in T&T. Although the drum music was strange, I quickly understood and danced to its rhythm as the day continued.



From Tuesday through to Thursday we started piecing all the separate dramas together. Finally I could see it coming together. By Thursday we had learnt 2 dances a contemporary routine and a traditional routine and had a full production ready to perform on Friday at the school I did my placement at.