“I’ve known Michael Hamilton for more than thirty years, in both a professional and personal capacity. He is an honest, original, perceptive and courageous person, with a gift for nudging others onward and upward, helping them to find a way through even the most challenging situations. Widely experienced and qualified, his approach is also careful and caring. If this is the kind of support you need, then let Michael be your guide.” – Teresa Early, Director, New Peckham Varieties

Hi Michael, Just wanted to let you know about what we are doing with the comics in the college. Since they were distributed last year we have created a whole term’s unit of work based on some of the issues in the magazine which culminates in the students creating their own dilemma story. We then take photos of still images from their story and are going to turm it into a comic page of their own. These are going to be displayed in the college. Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity – the students love it! – Mary Evans, Head of Faculty Performing and Visual Arts and PE,
Prendergast Ladywell Fields College

“Meeting Michael Hamilton was and remains today, a most precious gift. To be involved, even in this smallest of ways, with Share Think and Act is an absolute privilege.” – Geraldine Blache, Clinical Psychologist and STA Co-creator

I am Dr Brian Fisher, now a semi-retired GP in SE London. I have worked with Michael Hamilton for many years in a number of contexts, when I was both a full- and part-time GP.

I met him first when I selected him for a job as Young People’s Health Advisor. This was a totally new post that had been devised by young people in Lewisham. Michael fulfilled the role superbly, designing an effective and imaginative programme that supported and excited young people from the most deprived backgrounds across the borough. He has a natural way with young people, engaging them, but always with clear boundaries. He managed to develop and keep excellent relationships with the kids, the managers and the general practices in which he worked.

The post expanded through Michael’s energy and skill. He managed to balance the work with a wide range of young people as well as keeping up the funding and managing the politics of such a wide-ranging post. For instance, he liaised with areas of sexual health, the local authority, the PCT, GPs, the local post-graduate college.

As part of the work, I collaborated with Michael on a project called Bronchial Boogie. The aim of this was to support young people with asthma to sing. It required a complex small workforce including a singing teacher and music maker. Michael helped coordinate the young people and the staff in such a way that morale remained high and the denouement of the project, a public show at the Lewisham Theatre, was captivating, exciting and efficiently handled.

I can recommend Michael for his skills, his imagination and his practical application