Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle

‘Today was our first day. We went to [Cape Coast] and [Fort Elmina], these are both places where the [Trans-Atlantic] slave trade took place.

‘In [Cape Coast] we went in to the rooms where they kept the slaves, the guide was talking about the original faith of the [African], they also believed in god but they had own praising tradition.

What the white man did was telling the slaves that their beliefs wasn’t right and that they had to believe in god and [Jesus Christ] who are also [portrait] as white persons (maybe this answers your question on why [Jesus] is white?). So they taught the slaves to pray the “right way” and read the “right book” or else they had a dark future if they wouldn’t do the “right” way.

So what the slaves did to prevent their children to suffer is teaching them the “right” way of believing and faith. In other words they were keeping their children blind so it wouldn’t suffer. The children past it on to their children and they again to their children, you can imagine where I’m going with this story right?’


‘The tour man told us how the [Portuguese] enslaved our forefathers, treated them badly such as [putting] about 200 male slaves and 170 female slaves in a small [dungeon] where they will not get access to sunlight and breathing space, they [defecate], vomit, urine, sleep and even do everything there. Due to all this some of them die and join their [ancestors] which is very bad. The slaves suffered a lot in the [dungeon], before you will take your bath then it means that you will be going to their country to continue their slavery there and that bath is called ”THE LAST BATH”. After taking their bath they were sent to a small room where they will wait for the ship to come and pick them and the door they will pass through before they get to the sea is called ”THE DOOR OF NO RETURN” meaning they have lost contacts with their friends, family and love ones.’


‘As an individual who has studied West Indian History and read about the Middle Passage and the Door of No Return, it was really amazing for me to experience them physically and to actually stand in the same dungeons that my ancestors [suffered] in.

This experience made me realise that I should not take anything for granted because if it wasn’t for the suffering our forefathers went through, we may not have been here today.’


‘…Tears came to me eyes, but my cheeks they did not. Maybe because I have visualised about this sad inhumane conditions so much already…Like animals Black people came into contact with Christianity. They were oppressed and murdered. The tour guide in cape castle said white people believed in a good God and studied the Bible literally on top of the cellars where they treat our ancestors like animals. Today, most [Ghanaians] adherents of Christianity. ‘Is not it ironic?’

[We] had almost arrived at Fort Elmina we walk the last part by a poor area. Children who walked behind me and sometimes [aantikten?] and gesturing that they are hungry [and cannot] swallow.’

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