Today we had our first day at our placements. My placement was at the Unique Christianville Educational Institute. When we arrived we were taken into the principals office and were introduced to the owner of the school, the principal, the accountant, and the receptionist. We were then given an introduction to the school and taken round to see the various different classrooms.

It’s the first day of volunteer work at the Unique Christianville Educational Institute and the school’s director/principal gave us a quick tour of the school. The students of the first classroom we visited stood and welcomed us as soon as we entered. I was pleasantly surprised as students in Trinidad and Tobago only do this type of greeting when prompted to. Samantha and I worked with a first year class that greeted us in a similar fashion and they also taught us a few songs such as The Three Fishermen.

Because I’m from the Dominican republic, my task for the show was to teach the listener something about salsa, bachata and dembow three main genre who are the most listened to on my Island.
My show is an half hour in the first half of the morning I start with 15 minutes playing the soft music genre salsa or bachata and basically saying some facts about these particular genres so I still entertain the listeners with music and information. To educate them about my countries and Latin Americas genres. And then later on the midday I start my last 15 minutes with Dumbo a type of music you can compare with reaggeton. Also a popular genre.
The people of the radio station its self-say they recognize the beats of the Dominican genres, that’s true! Of course it is, they are al descendent of African music who just crossed the sea and got its own twist.
The locals are enjoying the music and I’m happy they are. I also try to say positive quotes, so the listeners can do their daily chores but with a happy thought 🙂

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